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What Type of Analytics is Best for Retail?

Guest Post by Jessie Brandrick  Digitalist Magazine reports that it wasn’t until 2017 that a significant number of entrepreneurial companies decided to adopt business analytics into their operations. Since then organizations have collected data to help with marketing strategies and improve customer service. Data analytics has become such a vital tool that businesses that don’t use […]

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10 Fastest Growing Inventory Management Solution Providers

Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, dealer, wholesaler, or distributor, inventory management is a crucial part of your operations. Issues with inventory can make or break the business. Without proper inventory management, it is very difficult for companies to maintain control and handle the needs of customers. Proper management of the supply chain, inflow and […]


Crunchbase: Bootstrapping Business

We were recently featured in a Crunchbase article titled Bootstrapping Business: Why More Startups Are Rejecting VC Gold ArdvarkCompare CEO Jonathan Breeze writes about 3 crucial reasons startups like Algo.ai either don’t accept or don’t pursue VC funding.  1. It can be a waste of time Pursuing funding can be a full-time job and many […]


What Is Real-Time Inventory Management and Why Is It Important?

With the quickening pace of business and consumer expectations for immediate gratification, it’s not enough to conduct inventory controls every month, week or even day. While they’re indispensable, they’re not going to help your company reduce costs and increase revenue, but real-time inventory management just might! What is Real-Time Inventory Management? Real-time inventory management is a way […]

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We Are Seeking Female Leaders – Meet Us In Silicon Valley Next Week

One of the most important things about our culture at Algo.ai is that we value diversity of thought and backgrounds because we believe it gives us a competitive and creative advantage. The real strength of a team comes from its diversity in creativity. All people are creative and imaginative in their own ways— embrace and […]