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Algo.ai Among Most Promising AR/VR Tech Providers

With digital disruption at an all time high enterprises in all sectors are looking to leverage AR and VR technology to drive better communication, collaboration and customer experiences. In an emerging marketplace, it can be daunting to find the right partners and solution providers with experience in the right vertical applications of these technologies. CIO […]

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The Rise of Conversational Commerce

Through AI tools like natural language processing, Alexa has led the retail industry in its rise towards conversational commerce. As if a customer was interacting with a clerk in a retail store, conversational commerce makes it possible for users to engage with software to research, purchase, or get customer assistance with products and services across a wide range of industries.


AI-Powered Inventory Management for Retailers

In this special guest feature, Amjad Hussain, founder and CEO of Algo.ai, explains that AI-assisted technology running on big data can help optimize inventory at all levels in the demand chain. It even can predict future buying behavior, and detect and act on supply chain anomalies in a timely fashion. With the implementation of “smart” warehouses, […]


The Appeal of Digital Innovations in Cosmetics

MarTechAdvisor recently published an article penned by our own Taleb Alaskhar, PhD. In this special guest feature, Taleb Alashkar PhD. Sr. Machine Learning Researcher at Algo.ai, and Co-Founder and CTO of AlgoFace, explains how personalization rules the retail industry. To accomplish it, leading companies are experimenting with digital technologies that provide a highly customized and […]