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Thanks to our Summer 2017 Interns

A big shout out to our 2017 summer interns at our metro Detroit HQ! They did an awesome job and we look forward to welcoming them to team Algo full time when they graduate ???? We had so much fun mentoring these smart and driven individuals and they contributed to all kinds of important projects. Pictured: Veditha Shetty, Ali […]

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Announcement: Algomus Rapid Talent Growth

BERKELEY, CA – 21 Jul, 2017 – Algomus has announced that former Sony Pictures Home Entertainment VP, Jeff Fueston, has joined forces with their executive team to lead Product and Customer Success. Jeff Fueston brings upwards of 20 years experience leading Global Customer Operations, Inventory Management, and Operations and Supply Chain Management for global industry leaders including […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Inventory Management & Supply Chains

In a 2016 research report, Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Growth, Accenture found that adoption of artificial intelligence tech across all industries may double economic growth rates by 2035. AI investment is expected to increase labor productivity by 40 percent. In fact, 70 percent of executives say they plan to “significantly increase” AI investment. In […]

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Freedom From Scale: How Predictive Features In Machine Learning Facilitate Scalability

Analogue: Scalability in Data Usage At the intersection of big data and machine learning are patterns and analyses that reveal trends and causes. To use healthcare as an example, sensors built into wearable medical devices open windows to improved, individualized healthcare based on a rapidly expanding set of clinical, lab, physiological, and personal data. (A patient diagnosed with hypertension might […]

Revenue vs. Cost: Monetization of Big Data

Enterprise companies often struggle to ascertain how to optimize all the data they collect. Big data — very large data sets — makes the problem even thornier. However, new data analysis tools such as predictive analytics and analytics as a service enable businesses to quickly harness all the data they collect and turn it into […]