We are thrilled to have been featured in an article in Entrepreneur titled The Journey to Negative Churn: How You Can Get There by Going the Extra Mile

If you know us you know we are fanatics about Customer Success! And we have achieved the SaaS holy grail of Negative Churn – which has helped us grow exponentially over the last 3 years – mostly due to amazing customer referrals. We truly believe in and treat our customers as partners with the joint goal of their success in mind.

“Prioritizing customer success is also a simple way to retain customers. If they aren’t succeeding, they’ll leave — it’s that simple. If they’re getting value from your product, they’ll purchase more. But achieving negative churn isn’t merely about a special marketing or sales promotion, it’s about helping customers attain goals.

Data analytics company Algo.ai has this nailed. Its team prioritizes customer success so strongly that it’s filled top managerial roles with former customers to ensure that everyone clearly understands exactly what customers need so the company is performing at its best. Examples? Algo’s current VP of customer success, Jeff Fueston, and president, John Daly, as well as senior team members, all formerly worked at Sony Pictures — a previous client of Algo.”

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Concern has surrounded Amazon’s Rekognition technology, with fears that it could be used in an authoritarian and inaccurate manner by the governments and police. However, new research from The Center for Data Innovation, a nonprofit and nonpartisan research institute, indicates that Americans are opening up to the use of facial recognition technology, but only if it’s accurate. 

The Sociable’s Sam Brake Guia spoke to Taleb Alashkar, an AI and facial recognition wizard, and CTO of Algoface.ai, who is currently working on a platform that uses AI to give makeup recommendations based on your skin tone, eyes and facial shape. 

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Algo.ai of Troy, Michigan advertises itself as the world’s first supply chain analyst work bot. What does that mean exactly? It means their technology combines artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and workflow automation to provide unique solutions for retail and distribution industries.

The startup’s founder and CEO Amjad Hussain has more than two decades of experience in building AI. He’s now been running Algo.ai for more than three years and says its important to realize that the next great startup can be built in a place like Troy, Michigan.

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Algo.ai has created an international division based in London.

The company has named Aodan Coburn, formerly EVP International at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, as president, Algo.ai International. Miguel Geli, previously division CIO for Sony Pictures and European MD of Sony Retail Services Europe, has been appointed COO, Algo.ai International.

“Algo.ai is a company with significant global potential which I am thrilled now to be part of,” Geli added in a statement.

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Algo.ai (Algomus) is featured in the updated 2018-2019 edition of TopBots’ Enterprise AI landscape which highlights the most interesting companies currently using AI to tackle business challenges.

Since TopBots first started tracking applied AI companies in 2017, the industry has grown tremendously and we’re thrilled to be included in the list of innovators continuing to enable novel business applications of machine learning.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented or Virtual Reality (AR and VR) are quite easily some of the most promising forms of technology within our modern world, to be rivaled only with blockchain. It may come as no surprise that many brands and industries are scrambling to implement these technologies in their products and services. This year, it is expected that 31% of enterprises will start using Artificial Intelligence. What’s more, according to a survey done by ISACA, 64% of US consumers believe that augmented reality enhancements would benefit the workplace.

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Benzinga reporter and editor Dustin Blitchok visited our Detroit HQ and found out all about what we are building.

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Content will always be king.

But in the home entertainment business, as in the broader entertainment industry, data is increasingly regarded as the crown, throne and scepter.

Data analytics, quite simply, is predicting future consumer behavior based on as much information about your target audience as you can get. Data comes into play when deciding windows, store allocations, distribution platforms, marketing campaigns, even greenlighting movies.

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January 11, 2018, AI Trends

“You have to think about the business problems first before you drive the tools in that direction,” said John Daly, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Production Services at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“Daly co-developed an AI tool from Algomus, which automatically generates data reports and supports natural language queries.”

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December 14, 2017, TechTarget

For enterprises to benefit from AI tools and techniques, experts at AI World stressed that technology needs to be grounded by a tight focus on how it can improve business goals.

There should be zero separation between an enterprise’s business objectives and its AI implementation