Planning & Optimization

Planning & Optimization

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Algo learns to perform tedious analytic tasks to give business users more time for strategic and creative thinking. Its brain is always on, mining Big Data, developing an internal representation and higher-level understanding, and helping businesses answer their questions quickly, easily, and accurately.

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Powered by machine learning, deep learning, and robotic process automation (RPA), Algo plays an important role in daily enterprise operations. It has been optimized to perform analytical calculations and produce answers to complex questions with flexibility, speed, quality, and lower cost.

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Use Algo to connect, automate, and visualize a 360° view of your supply chain. It understands the ramifications of operational processes and recommends the most effective response to each scenario. You can then command Algo to autonomously execute those recommendations when such scenarios arise.


Meaniful Actionable Insights

Algo’s chat and search-based user interface is streamlined, conversational, and context-aware. Its natural-language processing engine, predictive text capabilities, and support for Q&A across multiple measures make the user experience smooth and intuitive.

Algo Planning & Optimization Solution

Free Yourself From Queries, Tables, and Forms

Algo interprets the intent and context of questions and orders to respond with intelligence and precision.

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