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Over the past decade, Algo has proven its worth by revolutionizing sales and distribution for big-box retailers and all major players in Media & Entertainment. Our clients have gained an unassailable competitive edge… and you can, too.

Improve forecast accuracy

Gain 360° supply chain visibility

Balance sales and inventory

Create a single version of the truth

Achieve higher inventory productivity

Establish integrated workflows

Maximize profits, quality, and on-time-in-full-error-free

Optimize inventory carrying cost

Improving store performance through clustering


Inefficient inventory results

A large North American retailer was having difficulty consistently providing its customers with the right products in the right stores. They were missing sales in some stores while carrying too much inventory in others. They lacked the time and ability to use their vast amounts of product, customer, and transaction data to improve store performance.



20% increase in corrugate display placement in one week 15% higher sales in top 100 stores in one week Fewer returns in low-performing retail stores


Algo’s Balanced Scoreboard

Algo’s “Balanced Scorecard” dashboards track POS, on hand, in stock %, weeks of supply, and returns in real time. Algo used its Balanced Scoreboard to effectively identify several store clusters. It then set targets for each cluster against each scoreboard attribute. By monitoring clusters and matching shipments, Algo ensured that all supply chain goals were met.


    Improving retail promo sales


    Unoptimized promotions

    A large Canadian retailer was not fully optimizing many of their promotions. They were looking for a way to address lost sales in some stores and excess inventory in others by matching promos by store. For each promo, the same SKU quantities were being shipped to each store


    Algo recommends multiple ways to drive sales

    Algo analyzed historical data for promo performance, past sales, returns, stock-outs, and items in stock, and then recommended multiple item-store combinations to drive sales for future promotions. Algo also suggested the correct SKU quantities for each store based on trends for product types and overall store performance.


    20% increase in promo sales over the next quarter10% decrease in promo stock-outs and returns 15% lower inventory carrying costs Near-real-time insights into market

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