Observe and Act with Intelligence


Algo’s repertoire of KPIs, metrics, analysis techniques, machine-learning models, what-if simulations, and automation capabilities make it the ideal solution for autonomously understanding and optimizing your entire enterprise.

The Right Functionality for Any Role

Each member of your team adds value to the entire organization, and Algo helps them achieve even more. With the exact set of decision and automation tools for their job role, Algo keeps your personnel informed and empowered.


Optimize product assortment, promotions, and shelf space

Find top/bottom performers by region, cluster, and store
Plan product sell-through lifecycle
Plan discount, deal, and bundle pricing
Plan source, department, and category-wise gross margin
Finalize  items and price brackets


    Manage cash flow, borrowing, budgeting, and forecasting

    Predict worst-case cash position with what-if analysis
    Adjust accounts payable against payment terms
    Optimize inventory to achieve higher turnover
    Find most/least profitable products and customers
    Adjust creditworthiness and discounts


    Optimize inventory; maximize profitability

    Forecast granular-level demand and sales
    Algo minimizes stock outs while keeping inventory spend low.
    Adjust campaigns and promotions
    Predict competitors’ inventory shortage
    Optimize product mix through multifactor adjustment

    Customer Service

    Customer centric sales & analytics

    Review and adjust rough-cut plans
    Maximize customer lifetime value
    Proactively identify & identify back orders to improve customer satisfaction.
    Finalize production plan and costing
    Quickly determine pending deliveries


    Improve procure-to-pay cycles and supplier performance

    Analyze standard vs. actual cost
    Minimize redundant orders and excess inventory
    Track targeted vs. actual delivery and production
    Compare pricing across suppliers
    Track purchase-price variance and spend trends


      Increase topline revenue and streamline fulfillment

      Compare market basket value and quantity
      Get sales flash by channel, store, region, or category
      Track stock in store, in transit, in system, and in warehouse
      Calculate gross margin return on footage
      View performance by store, region, and territory


      Improve quality and assign scoring for vendors

      Optimize inventory, sales, and customer loyalty decrease redundant quality checks
      Increase customer satisfaction with better quality measures
      Material review & inspection
      Calculate & track returns , rejections


      Discover your company’s true mission and forecast demand

      Integrate buying with marketing
      Optimize open-to-buy plan and inventory
      Use price and quality hierarchies for range-building
      Forecast store vs. department vs. category sales
      Forecast source, channel, and cluster-level sales

      Take the guesswork out of operational decisions. React to changing market conditions at the speed of thought. Schedule a complimentary consultation with an Algo expert.