We are thrilled to have been featured in an article in Entrepreneur titled The Journey to Negative Churn: How You Can Get There by Going the Extra Mile

If you know us you know we are fanatics about Customer Success! And we have achieved the SaaS holy grail of Negative Churn – which has helped us grow exponentially over the last 3 years – mostly due to amazing customer referrals. We truly believe in and treat our customers as partners with the joint goal of their success in mind.

“Prioritizing customer success is also a simple way to retain customers. If they aren’t succeeding, they’ll leave — it’s that simple. If they’re getting value from your product, they’ll purchase more. But achieving negative churn isn’t merely about a special marketing or sales promotion, it’s about helping customers attain goals.

Data analytics company Algo.ai has this nailed. Its team prioritizes customer success so strongly that it’s filled top managerial roles with former customers to ensure that everyone clearly understands exactly what customers need so the company is performing at its best. Examples? Algo’s current VP of customer success, Jeff Fueston, and president, John Daly, as well as senior team members, all formerly worked at Sony Pictures — a previous client of Algo.”

Read the full article in Entrepreneur Magazine here