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The Engine of ALGO

Our patented "Velocity of Information" method analyzes tens of millions of market reactions to ingest news and blogs in real time. Discover new opportunities building on the most complete knowledge base for developers.

Find, Ingest + Qualify

Algo finds, qualifies and learns the web from over 50k sources. The system grows and learns daily.

A.I. + Data Science

Leveraging the latest in deep learning, Algo has built an A.I. system to determine the meaning behind data and provide relevance.

Organize + Format

Algo then organizes the information collected, extracts the most important subjects and formats it into a developer friendly API.

We <3 Developers

We work hard to build API's that make your life easier. Spend less time dealing with the hassles of data collection, classification and aggregation and spend more time building your awesome apps, tools and software.

Algo provides easy to use JSON API's to interact with our platform. We have extensive documentation and even provide FREE entry level packages.

  curl -X POST \
    -H "Content-type: application/json" \
    "" -d '
        "search_terms": ["virtual reality", "vr"],
        "filter_terms": ["augmented reality"],
        "min_score":    0.3,
        "page":         1,
        "size":         20,
        "min_matches":  1

Leverage the ALGO ecoystem

Search API

Leverage over 10 years of data and newly indexed real-time data to search for any topic, category or idea. We make it easy for you to find anything historically.

News on Mobile or Site

Algo processes over 50k sources and adds new sources everyday. Pick a topic, host it on your website and you are off to the races.

Content Marketing

Be on the edge of breaking content. Discover new stories, topics and events through our custom API's. The latest information to the second.

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