Virtual Business Analyst

Algo is the first natural-language virtual supply chain analyst that understands your questions and learns about your business. Receive prompt answers and proactive summaries, drive autonomous action, and achieve your goals 24×7.

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Effortless Automation


Algo is the first natural-language bot to help businesses accomplish strategic and tactical goals. Algo’s interactive workflow engine helps you place orders, correct shipments, tag items for hyper-care, and frictionlessly orchestrate your Operations team’s day-to-day actions using plain language

Control through Conversation


Algo provides intuitive, interactive analytics in real time to empower your team members as citizen data scientists. Align performance with defined goals, set policies on the fly, and automatically course-correct based on actionable data. Ask Algo questions or give orders for smart, contextually apt responses.

World-Class Forecasting


Algo flexibly simulates granular “what-if” scenarios to help you understand potential business outcomes. Assemble and track predicted versus actual performance comparisons for unlimited categories, including channel, program, season, warehouse, partner, store, or SKUs.



Entire industries rely on Algo’s predictive and prescriptive abilities
to maintain profitability and achieve growth objectives. Improve
sell-through, right-size store inventory, and reduce returns
across your DCs and retail outlets with high-precision,
proactive demand forecasts.


Globally celebrated prescriptive BI.

Algo uses hundreds of factors like historical sales, social listening, and census data to predict product demand and recommend the best course of action in real time.

Move beyond passive reports.

Algo uses real-time prescriptive analytics to instantly and autonomously adjust pricing, manufacturing, and inventory processes as supply or demand changes. Among the most advanced business intelligence engines on the market, Algo uses hundreds of factors like historical sales, social listening, and census data to predict product demand.

Success Stories

A large US retailer was missing sales due to inefficient inventory. Algo proposed optimized clustering to improve store performance.


  • Sell-through improved by 20% for all stores. 
  • 24% reduction in WoS in-store inventory. 
  • Returns reduced by 36% YoY.

A large US retailer wanted to reduce returns in low-performance stores. Algo predicted lower stock rates and WoS, and adjusted replenishment.


    • Returns reduced by 5%.
    • In-stock reduced by 4%. 
    • Expenses reduced by 50%.

Take the guesswork out of operational decisions. React to changing market conditions at the speed of thought. Schedule a complimentary consultation with an Algo expert.