Algo™ connects Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Automation to a specific set of industries.

Algo the World's first Business Analyst Bot

Algo™ is the full stack AI expansion pack for your supply chain.

We train & integrate Algo™


We clean your data as we enter it into the platform, making it easily accessible and immediately usable. And we keep it safe!


We already get you. Our deep domain knowledge allows us to speak and understand your industry’s language, so we won’t lose any time getting up to speed.


Our mission is to help you make your customers successful.

Algo™ is your workplace go-to for analyzing data + finding new insights.

We stay engaged every step of the way

the algo™ experience

You won’t have to do a thing.

We implement + integrate Algo into your ecosystem.

We train your team to work with Algo effectively.

We meet with you regularly to deliver new insights and opportunities.