Supply Chain Anatomy

The Anatomy of the Supply Chain

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Amjad recently contributed an opinion piece to the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply's Supply Management Magazine. In it, he explores the idea that a supply chain is a complex system of interrelated parts which needs to be regularly… 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2019 Among 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch

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Insights Success Magazine has once again included in it's editorial list of companies to watch. We are working hard on one of the most innovative AI platforms out there and appreciate the shout out! Read more about what we are working…
AI Fueled Conversational Commerce

The Rise of Conversational Commerce

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Through AI tools like natural language processing, Alexa has led the retail industry in its rise towards conversational commerce. As if a customer was interacting with a clerk in a retail store, conversational commerce makes it possible for users to engage with software to research, purchase, or get customer assistance with products and services across a wide range of industries.
4 Steps to Streamlining Inventory ManagementShutterstock

4 Steps for Streamlining Inventory Management Operations

Fully understanding the data behind your inventory management practices is essential to running an efficient and modern supply chain operation. If you want to set up your supply chain for success, follow these four easy steps to start maximizing your network’s potential.
Tidy up your Inventory with this popular Japanese method

Apply A Popular Japanese Method Of Tidying To Optimize Inventory

If you’re tasked with finding new ways of optimizing your supply chain operations, understanding what’s valuable and what’s worth discarding can help you run an efficient and streamlined operation. Here are some Marie Kondo-inspired inventory management tips to help get the most out of your supply chain: