Adoption of AI in RetailAlgomus, Inc. 2018

What Will Influence the Adoption of AI in Retail?

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As the use of AI enabled platforms continue to grow within all industries and markets, we will also see a greater level of AI platforms being adopted by retail companies. There are four factors that will influence the adoption of AI in Retail: Think…

TechTarget: Business Alignment Key to AI Implementation

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December 14, 2017, TechTarget For enterprises to benefit from AI tools and techniques, experts at AI World stressed that technology needs to be grounded by a tight focus on how it can improve business goals. There should be zero separation between…
Big Data and AI as a ServiceAlgomus, Inc. 2018

Big Data and AI as a Service

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We’ve all seen the hype around Enterprise Big Data and AI build up over the last few years, culminating in a record year of investments, conferences and implementations in 2017. But how real is AI when it comes to building value for your business…
Building a Successful Data Science TeamAlgomus, Inc 2018

Building a Successful Data Science Team

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Building a data science team may seem like a daunting task, especially in this market where talent with practical experience is scarce but interest and buzz in the field is extremely high. Here are a few tips for building and running a successful…
Business Intelligence Trends for 2018Algomus, Inc 2018

Top Business Intelligence Trends for 2018

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There are many trends coming to the foreground of AI, machine learning, and business intelligence. This article will be talking briefly about some of these trends and why they are coming to light. A link to the in-depth report by Tableau can…
Welcome Taleb to team Algo!Algomus, Inc. 2018

Welcome Taleb Alashkar!

Taleb joined the Algomus team in October 2017 as Machine Learning Scientist heading up our R&D department doing research related to computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning. He has a Masters in Computer Vision and a PhD in Machine…