Our Leadership Team

Our Creative Intelligence

We’re humanizing the way AI turns insights into opportunities. Meet our leadership team.

Amjad Hussain

Chair + Chief Executive Officer

Adam Moy

Chief Information Officer

Ali Bennett

Director of Marketing

Ambar Moreno

Head of Implementation + Customer Success

Amir Khan

AI Solutions Architect

Doug Grossman

Senior Vice President, Strategic Development

Emily Slavik

Head of Product Development

Gerry Daly

Senior Vice President, Category Management

Jason Kummerl

Chief Technology Officer

Jenn Hastings

Contracts Counsel

John Buckert

Intellectual Property Counsel

John Daly

Senior Vice President, Strategic Development

Jonathan Murray

Chief Financial Officer

Jordan Groves

Chief Sales Officer

Peter Fishman

Vice President New Product Planning

Ryan Anderson

Board Observer

Scott Sellers

Head of Supply Chain Planning

Scottie Wardell

Board Member

Taleb Alashkar, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer

Tom Bond

Director, Customer Success

Zubair Anjum

General Manager International Operations

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